The Millet System & Minorities in Israel/Palestine

By Mimi Brown The question of democracy in Israel/Palestine is perhaps one of the most contentious questions regarding the concepts of empire and state legitimacy of modern history. There are numerous collective memories of the physical land and a wide spectrum of historical and political narratives to which the state's citizens and individuals worldwide subscribe [...]

Reorienting Pornographic Politics

By Chloe Sariego “The ‘sexual mosaic’ of modern society is a dynamic network in which the optimization of power is achieved with and through the multiplication of pleasures, not through their prohibition or restriction.”   Spargo, T., 1999. Foucault and queer theory. Concern regarding pornography and the effect on women is a notorious issue among [...]

Challenging Narratives: Pop Culture and the Refugee Crisis

by Kate McGuire 1. A Political and Moral Crisis In 2015, Europe received approximately 1.2 million first-time applications for asylum, more than double the amount received the year before. By summer 2015, some Greek islands were seeing an average of 1,000 arrivals by sea per day. Though routes are constantly in flux, the flow of [...]