The Marriage

By Anushka Joshi Scott and Zelda once spent an hour In the revolving door of a hotel- Just another jazz age prank. Like jumping into the fountain at Union Square. Later the accusations The sanatoriums The burning to death  And the death by drowning  In endless glasses That reflected too well.  For now the mouth of misery  Was still muzzled.  Can you imagine them Turning and turning Echoing the earth in its orbit … Continue reading The Marriage

Illegal Aliens: A Goddamned Prayer for Roma

I can assure you all that my mother wasn’t born from a nuclear explosion on Mars she did not tread green slime beneath her, nothing leaked from her backside on the plane. Mama did not come here with a girl in her belly to earn 225 dollars a week (What is inside a woman but … Continue reading Illegal Aliens: A Goddamned Prayer for Roma