Poem: Leng Leng

by Karen Hui my niece. blonde-brown curls and round cheeks big(ger) eyes/pale pale (brown) skin the neighborhood aunties comment. she’s so white! eyes so big!/mixed children are just prettier she is so pretty. like one of those cherubs from raphael’s sistine madonna faces resting in fat hands/bored demeanors/eyes rolled up to the skies, framed above … Continue reading Poem: Leng Leng

Illegal Aliens: A Goddamned Prayer for Roma

I can assure you all that my mother wasn’t born from a nuclear explosion on Mars she did not tread green slime beneath her, nothing leaked from her backside on the plane. Mama did not come here with a girl in her belly to earn 225 dollars a week (What is inside a woman but … Continue reading Illegal Aliens: A Goddamned Prayer for Roma